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Who We Are

Bringing you High-Touch eCommerce

Our Team

Our team at PointerTop are all fascinated by the effect that technology has on productivity. We are a company of entrepreneurs, engineers and creators; and we all have a passion for giving breath to new concepts, ideas, and perspectives. To us PointerTop is not merely a new business for the marketplace, but a new way of doing business altogether, that will elevate the marketplace.


Our Mission

PointerTop innovates software solutions that improve the productivity of its clients' communications with their stakeholders

Company Genesis

PointerTop was created out of the frustration we felt as previous business owners in a high-touch marketplace to be missing out on the eCommerce wave. It seemed everyone else was able to get online easily and make money with exponential growth curves, except for us. Our products and services did not lend themselves well to selling on typical shopping sites, nor eBay, nor through affiliates, nor Amazon. Our products and services required trained salesman to sell, and we had to go through the expensive and painstaking work of building satellite offices in every region we wanted to sell, and then managing and training the personnel remotely. After extensive searching, we realized that what we needed simply did not exist, and it was up to us to create it. A way for our salespeople to interact with our customers through our website, directly, and using every multimedia tool possible to make the interactive communication effective. After significant research and development, PointerTop was born.


Partnership Opportunities at PointerTop

PointerTop has Partner Communities available for others wanting to generate revenue by consulting, selling the platform or platform add-ons, or integrating PointerTop into their software. Contact Us for more information.