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CrozTop is an agent platform that converts websites into directed, cross-interactive sales channels.

  • As an agent platform CrozTop provides a cloud portal for company representatives to log in, see customer activity on the corporate website, and engage those customers directly in sales (and customer support) conversations

  • CrozTop integrates into websites using HTML code, converting them from informative brochures into full-bore communications channels for sales and customer support

  • CrozTop customer-to-agent communications are cross-interactive, with information flowing both ways over a shared desktop as agents place and switch out questionnaires, forms, videos, product infographics, quotes, custom packages, contracts and more

  • Customer communications over CrozTop are directed by the agents as they follow a predetermined Storyboard in changing the forms and tools placed on the shared desktop

With CrozTop, your agents can do exactly all that, and more!

CrozTop allows your agents to now sell online in addition to your other channels, namely face-to-face and phone [we need a graphic here showing the three sales channels face-to-face, phone, and online]. Current websites are mostly used to market a company’s products and services, and provide contact information and email forms that funnel leads to phones and office visits, losing a significant percentage of those visits along the way. By adding Online as a sales channel, leads will no longer have to be funneled but can be engaged and closed on the spot,increasing close rates, boosting productivity as sales agents can now use multimedia to sell compared to a phone call, and slashing expenses as agents can now handle two or three sessions at a time compared to the other channels where an agent has to be dedicated to a session.

Customize your CrozTop platform with a scripted Storyboard for your agents to follow using these elements:

And boost user engagement with these tools:


$99.00 $89.00

You save: $10.00

Per Registered User

$20 for 30-day trial

3 Storyboard Pages

3 Tools, plus Chat, Chatbots and

In-Web Calling

CrozTop Professional is great for smaller companies with limited users and functionality. Save $10/month when paying quarterly and via ACH

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$145.00 $135.00

You save: $10.00

Per Concurrent User

$20 for 30-day Trial

Unlimited Storyboard pages

Unlimited Tools

CrozTop Corporate works well for larger companies that have complex customer needs and so need access to all of its Agent Tools and Storyboard pages. Save $10/month when paying quarterly and via ACH.

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$165.00 $155.00

You save: $10.00

Per Concurrent User

$20 for 30-day Trial

Everything in Corporate plus:

Session Transfers

Multi-Marketplaces/ Websites

Enterprise is for Companies having to support multiple different company sites and product lines and needing to integrate multiple platforms together into one Enterprise solution.

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  1. Does CrozTop require a contract?

    • No, no contracts are required, but you can prepay a quarter in advance and get a discount

  2. How fast can I install CrozTop?

    • CrozTop is easy to install in your current website; you could be up-and-running in as fast as a week!

  3. What happens when no agents are manning my site?

    • Users are notified that no one is available and diverted to an email form to leave you a message