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PointerTop can be integrated into your website using buttons, links, and a chat code, requiring minimal programming or adjustment; Or, PointerTop can be launched as an enhanced and interactive LandingPage in addition to your current website if you prefer to leave your current website a-is<

Chat is only one small component of PointerTop. PointerTop allows many different forms of simultaneous communications between customer and company representative that allows the rep to better display options and information and retrieve choices and feedback directly from the customer, online, and on the existing browser session, not as a separate tool as with Chat

No problem! CrozTop has a software administration interface that allows you to program and customize the software to your specific corporate needs at any time.

With CrozTop, PointerTop has developed a new, patented way for companies to communicate with their customers—directly through their website, with customer representatives taking over and manipulating the entire page, its content, and its flow
ALL companies need to communicate with their customers in one way or another, and PointerTop's suite of products and services are innovative solutions that will transform the way companies sell, support, and train their customers whether over the web, telephone, or any other medium
In order to make a salesperson-facilitated sale, companies had to either fly out there sales force to the customers’ locations, or build expensive satellite offices all over the country or world. With CrozTop, companies can easily sell remotely from wherever they’ve located their service center with the same or better effectiveness, saving significantly on travel or overhead costs
Customers currently have two options for customer support—self-help on the internet using search and FAQs, or calling in. The former is very ineffective for complicated or technical products and services, while the latter is time-consuming and expensive. CrozTop allows customer representatives to use images, audio, and video to first help identify the problem quickly with the customer, and then offload the support to a very targeted and delivered self-help image, audio, or video, saving considerable time and effort, while delivering very targeted and effective support<
No! This is what makes CrozTop so special. The customer accesses CrozTop from your company website or landing page without needing to do anything other than respond to your representatives’ requests, or by clicking a button or link. The process is seamless to the customer, appearing that the whole session is occurring over your company’s website<
PointerTop users have a multitude of prefabricated web pages at their disposal to choose from that they can customize and send to customers. These pages are organized in order according to the company’s processes and flows. These pages, displayed according to the flow, make up the Storyboard<
Yes, PointerTop's products and services are delivered as a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) over the internet, meaning that companies do not need to install anything on their own computers or servers to make it work. They access PointerTop's products and servics via browsers over the internet, making implementation and maintenance easier<