WebToq is taking flight!

CrozTop is changing names to WebToq, and we're dropping the use of PointerTop in our marketing to converge around one brand.

WebToq's website is ready and we'd love for you to take a look...
We are a company of entrepreneurs, engineers and creators; and we all have a passion for giving breath to new concepts, ideas, and perspectives.
WebToq is not merely a new business for the marketplace, but a new way of doing business altogether, that will elevate the marketplace.
Are You WebToq'ing Yet?
Top Stories
CrozTop is changing names, and now will be known as WebToq, the cross-interactive remote sales and service platform!
30 Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Sales Productivity
WebToq is a next-generation Remote Sales and Service platform for websites that allows a company’s agents to attend to web visitors directly and cross-interactively.
WebToq is a new type of Conversational Marketing and Sales Platform
WebToq is just one of a number of different conversion tools in Digital Marketing we offer. We also offer VozTop, our Unified Communications platform, as well as Web Design and Development, SEO, and more.
Multi-Channel Communications
WebToq unifies incoming Web, Facebook, and Whatsapp messages into one platform to make web-base communications more convenient and powerful for businesses.
Web Based Sales Tools
WebToq provides numerous web based sales tools such as instant quotes and contract signing to make it easy to convert and close on the spot.
Remote Support Tools
WebToq can dramatically boost support productivity beyond what typical live chat software can offer by providing cross-interactive tools such as file sharing, whiteboarding, and video calling to facilitate support functions.
  15333 N Pima Rd, Ste 305
      Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  Phone: (480) 499-5255
Email: info@webtoq.com
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