20 Smart Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business

Date: October 19, 2018

What are the essentials to make your business stand out in the market? Three simple things: know your business, know your customers, and have a burning desire to succeed. Without a pinch of doubt, the generation of new sales leads is the biggest keys to a successful business. It is a win-win for any business owner.

So, let's look at 20 smart ways to generate more leads without further ado.


1.    Get the most out of new technology

Technology sets the trend in the market. Consider the fact that investing in cutting-edge technology can create huge benefits for any business, it is important to keep a close watch on emerging technology and mediums through which you can get more leads for your business. Know about them and get them into your business.


2.    Get outbound & inbound marketing into the stride

The current stats reveal, ‘outbound marketing is more effective than inbound marketing.’ This doesn’t imply that inbound marketing is out of action. In fact, there is a need to deploy both marketing strategies in a balanced manner as this can be helpful in generating leads and eventually grow your business.


3.    Fuel your Business with the right data

Finding potential leads to your business had never been an easy thing. But, with the advancement of technological mediums, the task has become easy. Take for instance Data.Com. It is a huge database where you can find potential leads for your business and maintain a list of companies with accurate information.


Optimize Your Website and Make It the Best Way of Generating Leads


4.    Make sure your website has a blog

Writing about your business in an impressive tone and share it with the public has always been important. It can help increase website traffic and customer engagement. Moreover, writing SEO friendly blog posts is good and can help improve your site on Google’s search algorithm.


5.    Convert visitors to the customer with the website chat services

Live Chat software is a great way to Generate More Leads for the website. More than half of the online consumers say having questions answered by a person while in the middle of purchase is one of the most important things a website can offer to them. More than 60% said they are more likely to not return to a site that does not offer live chat.

6.    Add Exit-Intent Popups

More than 70% of your leaving visitors will never come back to your website or business. This can make all your marketing efforts to no avail.

What is the solution? Adding exit-intent popup that collects email is one to solve this. Add a popup to offer your lead-magnet or content upgrades.


7.    Add a Highly Visible Floating Bar

Adding a floating bar can help you a valuable leads in an instant. Floating bars stick to the bottom or the top your visitor’s screen and scroll along with them. They are prominent and can catch customers' attention.


9.    Create a Compelling Signup Form

Make sure to create a compelling graphic of the signup form. With a powerful form, you can get more leads. Also, give some of the best reasons why someone should sign up to your email list into a sidebar form.


10.    Create Mobile Specific Campaigns and CTAs

More than 60% of traffic comes from mobile devices. However, due to screen size limitations, your desktop design may look different on your mobile screen. For that reason, you have to make sure that your call to actions is well-optimized for the mobile device users.


Social media platforms are a goldmine for generating leads. Here are some proven ways to make the most of the platform.


11.    Create an actionable Facebook advertisement

Facebook ads are a great way to gain massive appreciation from the world, which ultimately generates more leads. Use them sensibly and get your business a powerful boost that it deserves.


12.    Leverage Twitter’s advanced search queries

I bet you already know about Twitter’s Search Feature. After Facebook, Twitter is another top resource for lead generation, it can allow you to see what people are talking about and interact with the customers. Without a pinch of doubt, it can get you the chance to capture leads from your competition.


13.    Get leads from your YouTube channel

Create a channel for your business on YouTube. Optimize your channel. Add interesting and engaging video content. Give your customers the content that is relevant to your business. YouTube videos are a valuable part of your lead generation strategy, and one of the best ways to increase leads.


14.    Humanize your brand on Instagram

With 500 million users, Instagram could be the best platform for drawing in new leads for your current business. Give your brand a human face and allow your customers to get the real interaction with your business. 


15.    Get leads through LinkedIn

For bringing new clients to your business, LinkedIn got its name. This business-centric social networking website is a great platform for bringing new leads to your business by allowing people to publish content to an audience.


16.    Make the most of Quora

With the help of Quora, you can communicate with your customers and get leads. Getting leads from Quora is as simple as you want. Create a persuasive profile. Pick up interesting and relevant topics to share with people. Show your proficiency and interest. Contact your followers. Tell them how your business can be helpful for them. Track your analytics. Leverage trackback links.


Get valuable leads via Marketing and Advertisement


17.     Direct Mail

Reaching the audience with the best offer and the best message is the key to success. In this way, mailing directly to the people can help you a lot. It is an extremely flexible way that gives you a way to a number of inaccessible prospects and allows you to present every benefit of your product or service in front of the public.

18.    Effective Advertising

Advertising is an effective way to get leads. Fortunately, we have many effective ways of using advertising in a highly targeted manner that can help grow our business. This includes 1) advertising in media that reach a large number of people 2) focusing the entire pressure of your communication on your prospect’s interests 3) giving your prospects enough information and 4) offering people something appealing.


19.    Referral Systems

Referral systems are easier and more professional way of bringing higher profits with increased customer devotion. Getting your clientele to praise and encourage other people they associate with to seek out your products or services is the most sought-after prize in marketing, besides a sale.


20.    Get help with PR

The current situation is enough to make anyone realize that how our media is insatiably hungry for truthful, thought-provoking, and out of the ordinary or diverting information to share with the viewers or readers. PR can give you free coverage on the marketplace you’re trying to reach.



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